Britney Spears finally freed - A2

Britney is free - 6th October 2021

Britney Spears' fight with her father is done.

The court gave Britney her freedom. Her father isn't her guardian anymore.

Britney’s lawyer, Mathew S Rosengart, told her fans the news.

Mathew S. Rosengart: "I'm so pleased and proud to say Jamie Spears is no longer a conservator."

Britney's father controlled her life for 13 years. She had some mental health problems. The court made her father responsible for her.

Her father controlled her money, business and her life. Britney's fans were very worried about this. They want her to be free. They were very happy to hear the news.

Nefertara Ozella: "My first reaction? I was overjoyed, I was so happy for Britney, this is the beginning for her of getting her life back."

James Edward: "It was just a beautiful feeling to hear that be announced and just the joy, the relief and just the feeling that came across everyone that's here today that made it worth coming out for."

There are two documentaries about Britney's father and his actions. People think he abused his power. Britney's lawyer talks about this.

Mathew S. Rosengart: "Putting a listening device under Britney Spears' bed in her bedroom, something that's very, very troubling. That's something that it is for law enforcement and not myself to make the ultimate conclusion on."

Britney's situation is now public. But many people have guardians. Her fans want to help others in the same situation.

Melanie Mandarano: "It's not over even, even when she's free it's not over because B-Army is going to make sure that the 1.5 million people that are in conservatorships are also free. And we're going to amplify the voices of all of the other people who have been exploited and abused in this system."